Sunday, 4 December 2016

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Smells Like Teen Spirit Cooking - Big Data on #PizzaGate

#PizzaGate is the fastest and longest rising user-generated news topic on the internet. The corporate media are obliged to protect the politically powerful child abuse and trafficking networks in the US because like the UK Parliament and British media they are compromised and blackmailed too.

I salute the citizens of the United States for using the information researchers like I and many others published over the years to shame the British, who turned their back on the children. The sheer quantity of information and quality of videos being produced is unsurpassed in the history of the internet. It's a great day for people who care, and we can finally let go of those who have no business having opinions on anything other than their cat or food pics published on Instagram or Facebook.

We Run Rap Music - The Puppet Masters Of The Music Industry - Satanic Illuminati Exposed [Part 1]

I increasingly prefer using the word Illuminati these days. It's got a comedic edge to it, and also nobody likes to say they are a Gnostic Luciferian into blood rituals and occult magic, or if they do they like to call it 'art' when exposed.

Most people understand that secret societies use and exploit front groups like the CIA, Zionism, Council on Foreign Relations, Corporate Media and the Judiciary to manipulate and poison society for money.

Vigilant Citizen is an excellent source of information that awakened my eyes to the obvious and endless Illuminati symbolism in music and celebrity imagery. Is it copied unwittingly by underpants models in a Sears Catalogue? Sure. 

Is the Illuminati and their "Network" real. You Betcha and all it takes is 20 minutes of symbolism and numerology to understand the code of declaration or "revelation of the method" that is their way of saying. 

"We did tell you and you gave us your consent."