Monday, 14 May 2018

Jerome Corsi and Alex Jones Outed by Q

It's a great comfort that Q indirectly called out the parasite alt-media shills Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi.

I judge people on whether they have the correct enemies, and in this respect Q has blown the scum off the pond water with minimal effort.

Now we have to get back to work.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

QAnon For Beginners - Praying Medic

An excellent introduction to the subject of Qanon. However for a more substantive comprehension the material has to be studied as the drops are made when the context is freshest.

One of the features of Q drops is that future proves past so old posts become reality later on.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

QAnon - Black Hats & White Hats by Praying Medic

I've been working my way through the entire QAnon archive which (as it) stands at a couple of hundred pages of a self-created pdf document, although it is abbreviation-dense and somewhat cryptic to the beginner.

It's now clear to me that it's a Presidential back channel for what is going on behind the scenes. 

I don't always agree with their assessment/analysis of geopolitical dynamics, but I don't have the intel clearance they have, and even the Syria strikes amounted to very little damage.

More like optics to keep possession of the ball.

In this respect the Lame Stream Media are easily wrong footed every time, and their chants of conspiracy theory have blinded themselves to the most important intel drop in the history of information.

I've learned more from watching these military boys run a hybrid information warfare offensive coupled with geopolitical action than pretty much any other subject.

I've studied this subject and it's hard not to use the word genius from time to time, as it's all in plain sight, and completely grounded in the essence of human spirit, courage and intelligence.

My spy versus spy post was a reasonable description back in 2012 of what we are now seeing, take place.

Friday, 11 May 2018

(Nathaniel Mayer) Victor Rothschild & The Spy Game

Not a lot of people appreciate that all the key intelligence agencies work for the global elite and not the countries they profess to serve.

The way they overcome this negative reality is through social engineering and programming via Hollywood scripts, TV Plays, Fake News and Bond Movies... the sort of bullshit that programmes the witless to venerate the least among us.

I was researching Anthony Blunt a while back. He was recruited to spy by Victor Rothschild and as it was a library book I noticed that a previous reader had written in the margins, the Zionist Jewish influence on the spy game that ties up a lot of questions that many historians are puzzled by.

In my experience Victor Rothschild was a triple agent in traditional terms but actually just a freelancer for all sides making sure that war, technology and ignorance were distributed evenly so the real power can maintain its control.

This is an obvious role when triangulating information.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Outgoing Chief Navy Adm. Michael S. Rogers

Admiral Rodgers is widely suspected of stealing the keys to the NSA and setting up a back door so that the data could be used for the fight against the usual owners of Intelligence Agencies. 

The child raping elite.

There was a time when I judged these kind of speeches on the surface like I once did critically for General Michael Flynn

I now know there's no way these guys can do TV appearances and let on exactly what they do know such as we created ISIS and so forth.

In this respect when Admiral Rodgers refers to Apollo 13 in the video above which I've cued for you.

He knows it's just a movie.

A script.

The power of thought works both ways.

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Rense is an Italian Surname: It's Pronounced Ren Zee

Nobody likes Red Pills.

The Truth is Unprofitable. 

Otherwise everyone would be doing it.

Tavistock and The Grateful Dead are mentioned as context.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Shall We Play A Game? - QAnon

It does look like QAnon is running with the Zionist controlled Netanyahu/Trump narrative that Iran is the evil player when in fact we know that Israel is the overwhelming historical player/problem after USS Liberty and 9/11 to name just two.

I've been wrong-footed before by QAnon, and I'm open to the idea that Iran has been weaponised by the corrupt Obama administration and the legitimate return of confiscated money however strategicaly disadvantageou, but if Q is a Zionist, he/they and their followers can pleasure themselves.

Patriots don't sell out. 

Patriotism doesn't sweep 9/11 under the carpet, and Patriotism doesn't peddle the obscene holo-cost narrative either as some kind of pistol whip of moral probity.

We shall soon see. 

Is this a transformational turning point, in what to date has definitely been a non mainstream media-outlet, providing insider information but may well be yet another limited hangout.

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Facebook Fascists

I'm into my sixth consecutive month long ban on Fakebook for explaining the reality about our terrorist buddies/crisis actors we nearly destroyed Syria with.

The oldest Christian capital in the world is Damascus.

Who would benefit from that?

The White Helmets are our Jabat al-Nusrah slash Jaysh al Islam partner terrorists in Syria. 

They were set up by British Military 'Intelligence' James Le Mesurier, who should be knighted by the Queen for his treachery, aimed squarely at the long term interests of the British people.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Planned Parenthood & The Commercialisation of Fetal Tissue

Planned Parenthood openly sold fetal tissue they secured with 500 million dollars of subsidy in the USA. I hear 800 black babies a day are aborted in the USA.

What do you think of Black Lives Matter?

What do you think of fetal tissue in vaccines (the practise goes back to the 1930s)?

QAnon Analysis - Jordan Sather

This is the first time I've come across Jordan Sather, and although he may be young he's rather good, and has impressed me from the get-go with his communication style and ability to soberly analyse the QAnon phenomenon.

He mentions something that hadn't really occurred to me consciously. 

About 5 years ago a White Hat 'mass-arrests' narrative emerged online which was leaped on by less discerning conspiracy researchers. I never saw anything that gave me hope and frankly I don't believe in the messiah/saviour complex, so I never wrote about it, and it fizzled out after a few months, as the 'impending-arrests' narrative, never actually delivered.

I wondered at the time if it was a psyop? A way to data-mine the kind of people who have just enough knowledge to be dangerous but not enough discernment to research information for reliability.

In other words, perfect patsies in an electronic information war.

Later on we learned that it's quite possible a military coup against Obama was planned around that time, but even more important it paved the way for the idea to emerge again or echo in a more robust way. 

Sometimes I think a similar thing happened with my Spy vs Spy post, which isn't quite happening exactly as I wrote it back then, but as we now see, the Deep State is indeed in a war with Military Intelligence (who actually own the NSA, though clearly it's been used by the dark side since its inception for nefarious purposes).

I know that's quite egotistical for me to claim, but it is also at the very least a coincidence worth mentioning.

Now then, Just because I reject the messiah complex, that doesn't mean I don't think people shouldn't do their jobs.

For example the FBI should be arresting the child sexual abusers instead of owning the child porn servers for revenue and blackmail.

The NSA should be apprehending those who share electronic information about ritual child sex abuse and other Satanic practices instead of being used as an alarm bell to protect those people.

The CIA should be just collecting intelligence threats from abroad instead of acting as the corporate espionage assets of USA/whoever actually runs it Inc.

In this respect the QAnon phenom is very refreshing. It feels that by and large Trump and his team are doing a job that makes a lot of sense with the QAnon back channel comms.

Despited that, I'm disappointed by the latest claims regarding Armenia which I recall from a couple of years ago is a tough country to dissect in terms of allegiance to the West or East. 

We activists are more interested in good versus bad, but the recent colour revolution there celebrated by QAnon's followers, more resembles the Obama/Hillary/McCain illegal colour revolution in the Ukraine which has obviously been a disaster for the people there.

That said, I've learned that old victims can become new oppressors very quickly, and so I'm entertaining ideas that Iran has been exploited by the usual players, and is no longer as innocent as it once was. 

I've not seen the evidence but I'm open to more information in that direction.

In the past I would have filtered it out before I digested it.

That's bias for you.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Department of Homeland Security - Pizza

Two weeks after Donald Trump's inauguration the DHS made this child sex trafficking video which opens in front of a pizza restaurant sign, and a voice over saying "the signs are everywhere". 

As I've explained in excruciating detail, not only is pizza FBI recognised code for child sexual abuse, but it also is a pun by those who engage in it.

These people are sick.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Q-Drop Decode: MIshel McCumber

The beauty of the QAnon phenomenon is the plausible deniability. We appear to have front row seats to behind the scenes action which is thankfully written off by the dopey corporate media as conspiracy theory.

That's very useful to us at the moment and one day I hope future will prove past that what's really going on is done in front of the eyes wide shut crowd who are heavily invested in a reality which bears little relation to the facts.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Is The Dome of The Rock, The Next 9/11 False Flag By Israel?

Jeremy Rothe-Kushel and Adam Green are both Jewish. 

I welcome their courage in speaking up against the obvious Zionist connection to 9/11. 

In this video discussion they talk about I Pet Goat II which is over here, and also lend weight to my criticism of Jerome Corsi that he is a Zionist shill.

Disturbingly, they analyse the indicators that Israel will bomb the Dome of the Rock, in a new 9/11 false flag, and blame it on Christians in an attempt to ignite the war to benefit Israel.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Donald Where's Your Troosers


Even one death is murder of an innocent.

New York Times Bestseller, Kurt Eichenwald & Child Porn

Kurt Eichenwald wrote a conspiracy bashing piece in Newsweek a while back. 

He claims it was research for a New York Times article.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Fake Justin Trudeau

How is it some people think Justin Trudeau is a lovely young man because he espouses gender neutral pronouns, claims to represent every minority group, especially women, and yet sells bombs to Saudi where women are flogged for being raped and who are currently bombing women and babies in Yemen?

People like Trudeau are very obvious puppets, and if people think the electoral system is the key driver of their careers they're borderline cretinous. It's all staged.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

QAnon - Deception Bytes - Mishel McCumber

One of the enjoyable dynamics of the QAnon narrative is the spectrum of knowledge that is dropped on 4Chan and 8Chan. This knowledge is fairly well established in conspiracy research circles, but is new to many of the Anons and their readers.

Nevertheless, the recent false flag chemical attack in Syria will determine if QAnon is just another shill or if Trump is really playing an unusual hand... complete with hand signals.

Mishel McCumber's analysis is as good as it gets and well worth reviewing even if for only understanding the phenomenon.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Comedian Doug Stanhope's Sketch Removed From Youtube

I uploaded this to dailymotion in anticipation of this day 4 years ago. Doug Stanhope's witty and insightful sketch about Jews has been deleted by Youtube.

I reserve the right to mock all religions.

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Jimmy Kimmel, Pizza & Boy 'Love' Logos

The chances of these FBI recognised symbols for child abuse against young boys appearing in a Jimmy Kimmel sketch about pizza is not a coincidence. 

Hollyweird loves to drop this kind of wink in its work.

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Zionist Shills | Betsy & Thomas (Douglas Gabriel) - American Intelligence Media

Thomas from American Intelligence Media (Real Name Douglas Gabriel) does a truly obnoxious interview with Jason Goodman. AIM may do some good work from time to time but I think this interview unveils what sort of person he is.

As an aside they are both Zionists in deep denial of Israel's key role in 9/11, and may well be just acting.

I think it's worthwhile pointing out that all the key players in Alt Media are Zionist 9/11 Deniers.

This includes.

All the time they have alt media researchers arguing about every other subject, the elephant in the room goes undiscussed.

Monday, 26 March 2018

How Oily Is Keith Vaz

I've been fighting Keith Vaz for about five years now. I don't know how he does it, but he is protected from very high up in Westminster like that other oily shit, Speaker of the House John Bercow.

I'm asking you to do the right thing on behalf of a lot of raped kids, and at least get a financial probe going into Vazeline's affairs. He's so crooked but his sins are much darker than just money. 

Let's see if we can put some pressure on him please.

Sign the petition and please share it as much as you can.


Excruciating - Ricky Gervais Meets Gary Shandling

Watch Ricky Gervais Meets... Gary Shandling in Comedy  |  View More Free Videos Online at

I always remember Ricky Gervais banging on about animal welfare as five hundred infant mammals were genocided in Gaza in 2014. If we can't respect human welfare I don't think animals are going to take a higher importance, and believe me I'm not happy about factory farming methods at all.

When Glen Greenwald tweeted the above I read the article first and saw a lot that resonated with me. I then searched for the episode of Rickey Gervais meets.., that it refers to and it's one of the most excruciating interviews I've ever come across, though I suspect Gary Shandling is a Zionist Supremacist, because even I can think of no reason that Ricky Gervais is hostile to Jews.

That said, Gary Shandling taught me an awful lot in a short space of time. I particularly like his words on bravery and courage. 

Doing things that scare us are mostly rewarded by the universe.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

V - PARTY mixed by FKC

I'm not really a House Music fan these days but I was on a fairly long cycle ride recently and couldn't be bothered to stop and change the streaming music I use to discover new sounds. 

This set turned out to be very good in a short space of time though it starts off with a cliched track.

Evelyn Rothschild Talks About Forecasting The Weather For Profit

I've no idea if the Rothschilds can manipulate the weather. I do know that when the media starts bleating anti Semitic conspiracy theories that there's usually some basis for more investigation.

Incidentally Evelyn (French House) is less of a fanatical Zionist than his cousin Jacob (English House). He is also married to Lynn De Rothschild who I emailed recently to confirm or deny some rumours. She didn't reply which corresponds with the gossip about her quitting Twitter.

Just saying.

Monday, 19 March 2018

The Gin Goblin Barrister - Barbara Hewson

Barbara Hewson behaves more like a practicing Satanist than a respected Barrister. Her obsession is to accuse all child abuse victims of inventing their claims and her entire life on Twitter for the last five or so years is on this one subject.

There have been times when I've interacted with her in the wee hours UK time, and I can only describe her behaviour as bizarre and seemingly drunk, which is how she earned the moniker Gin Goblin.

The Bar Standards Board have been informed and an investigation is taking place, but the sooner she is prevented from trolling child sexual abuse victims through social media, the better.


Friday, 16 March 2018

Fake News

I've been having a few pints of Fake News by Fallen Acorn Brewing at Clockwork in Shirley lately, and very tasty it is too, though nowhere near as awesome as Murmuration by Red Cat Brewing, which is like a pint of home brewed Quality Street, laced with treacle and 6% Alcohol.

Anyone who thinks the media prints, publishes or broadcasts anything remotely like reality is struggling right now with righteous indignation as the internet pretty much crushes the things that are said, as well as raising the things that are left out. 

Here's a classic piece of fake news for the memory wipes. 

No big deal then for a WMD conspiracy theory dreamt up by Neocon vermin who have the audacity to publish there plans in advance because the consumer classes are too naive to understand how powerful groups wield ancient and occult rules to secure their objectives.

Regrettably most people are too ill informed to understand the very basics of the Skripal story, like did he or didn't he die, which was misreported because it's designed to be a package of lies.

No doubt the fake left who partied hard during the Obama years while he bombed 7 Muslim countries had a good time till Trump got it. They left it to independent researchers and bloggers to utilize this once in lifetime opportunity to inform people of what was really going on via the Internet, in Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and later on Yemen.

To be fair I am leaning towards Electronic Entrainment to explain a lot of people's inability to identify the difference between right and wrong, because it also applies to weasel moves, (by for example Trump), giving Palestinian land to Israel for the American Embassy in East Jerusalem, or appointing a known "hands-on" CIA black site torturer (a woman no less) to lead the CIA.

The sinking of the Lusitania was probably one of the earliest Fake News specials but we should also including the sinking of the Maine in 1898. The media has been instrumental in selling all of the conflicts that arose from these and so the question remains, who owns and who populates the media? The math is inarguable when it comes to diversity analysis.

Alas it takes courage to point out why 2% of the population are responsible for 90% of Fake News currently shaping the average hairless monkey's opinion.

Here's a slightly out of date visual possibly explaining the BBC's toxic bias towards Fake News.

And a couple of BBC Fake News peddlers. 

BBC contributor Melanie Phillips is married to Joshua Rozenberg, former legal affairs editor for the BBC.

Russia's decision to stand by its long time ally Syria is key in the current sentiment towards the country. Maybe something to do with pipelines the NWO so wish to control across Syria and the energy reserves on Israeli occupied Syrian land that Genie Energy now control.